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Universe in Disenchantment - 15th volume - Rational Culture

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Book: "Universe in Disenchantment" - Rational Culture
- 15th Volume
- Collection: "Obra" - The Masterpiece
- Authorship: Rational Superior
- Copyright: Racional gráfica Editora Ltda / Manoel Jacintho Coelho
- Content: The true origin of humanity - Rational Culture learnings.
- Condition: New - never used

- Measures: 140 x 204 x 040 mm - 435g
- 376 pages
- Imported from Brazil and reselled in Sweden.
- This is a nonprofit product (resold by the same imported price costs + taxes costs).
- This book was transtaled into English from the original language, Brazilian Portuguese.
- Please choose the written language for this book before you order.
- Some books may only be available in its original language - Brazilian Portuguese.

Non-profit product - Imported from Brazil
produced by Racional Gráfica Editora

- Book: "Universe in Disenchantment" - Rational Culture
- 15th Volume
- Collection: "Obra" - The Masterpiece

Chapters in this book:

First Volume 14. Warning 15. Introduction 19. Rosary of life 38. Where we came from and where we are going to 51. Fluids 66. The origin of the living beings from the vacuum 69. The seven parts of the why of everything 79. The deformation of the part of the Plain and Rational bodies 84. The formation of the animals on the ground and their degeneration 86. What RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is 89. All are spokesmen of the world which is electric and magnetic 95. The deformation of the virtues to the formation of the seven parts which compound the world and its return to the natural state 97. Life is without guarantees and an illusion 105. In RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION only exists the weapon of goodness. 108. To the obedient ones all the glories of Immunization 112. The first announcements of Immunization 115. The reading brings the equilibrium and Immunization 119. The domain of the world by the Immunization 122. The influences of the inhabitants from the vacuum 127. The disequilibrium and unconsciousness 130. The kingdoms of the animals 132. ASTROLOGY - RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION was born in Brazil 145. Everyone in the world is out of the natural 152. Life is of dreams and illusions 154. The ignorance of the invisible ones 158. The salvation of the world is in the Immunization 166. What is disenchantment 169. The influences of the inhabitants from the low atmosphere 171. Science and spiritism 175. The duty of propagating this knowledge 178. What is spiritism 181. The wisdom of the world is only of sufferers 185. How is RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION 192. The ones who searched to be unglorified 199. RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is the greatest treasure of the world 206. All human beings are criminals 222. The Power of the magnetic 234. The mirror of the world 241. The beginning of the deformation 263. Human knowledge only brings the weakening of generations 270. The enchanted one’s freedom 280. The world of monsters 288. How everyone can communicate with RATIONAL SUPERIOR (the Author of the Book) 291. The return of everyone to the place of origin 292. Definition of fluid 297. An explanation about this deformed world 304. Everyone in darkness and stewed 306. The white herons 308. This reading increases the lifetime 313. The science of nothing 317. The primary course 320. Summary of the formation of Earth 324. The confusion of the confused ones 326. The book of the absolution of the condemnation to death 333. Disenchantment 342. Old black man 348. Fluids 352. How the equilibrium arises 357. How RATIONAL IMMUNIZATION is 363. Continuation of fluids 367. Continuation of fluids 371. The formation of the being Where everyone came from and where everyone is going to. How you came and how you are going. The beginning and the end of the world - The salvation of everyone

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