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The God Helmet

Neuroscience or Spirituality, quantum physics or Religiosity. Common subjects rejected by some and fully accepted by many. After thousands of years of history, we have read about testimonies of visions of God, spirits or ghosts, a divine light or even angels. Some testimonies became famous for centuries. Our history and science together have raised questions such as: “How would be possible to explain it? As clairvoyance? Mediumship? Can it be scientifically proved as real or optical illusion? Is it possible to read the future? How can we explain spirituality? Can we prove God existence? Or listen to the voice of God? Are those signs of schizophrenia? On one side: How the World Health Organization and the American Psychiatric Association defines this subject? And on the other side: how does the religious community understand this matter? We are here to search for those answers and review the history, science and religion at: RC History – The God Helmet Where to start? Right here, in our own mind. Understanding our own nature and its behavior. We all know that the organic world's laws are based on two powerful currents. Once combined, they are known as the electromagnetic force. Those currents are also important when used individually just as electric or as magnetic energy. They are everywhere, inside cells, transferring information between neurons, or running our body as a complex machine. I would like to start our conversation with one of the most famous brain researchers and to try to understand a tiny part of how the electro-magnetism currents can affect our balance and our lives. And how the two different sides of our brain can affect our daily routines. Between the '40s and ’60s, The Canadian neurocirurgian doc. Wilder Penfield, heard many testimonies about psico-contacts or visions from some of his patients. After studying deeply his epileptic patients using electric currents, some patients testified visions of spirits and one specific patient saw a source of light coming from the sky. Even though epilepsy could be considered a brain disorder to the Modern Medicine, did not inconsiderate the possibility of any vision, of any kind. The Anecdotal reports, an incomplete description of the medical and treatment history of one or more patients have been published for decades and are known that this subject that cannot be classified, proved, or denied at that time. Doc. Michael A. Persinger. Director of Laurentian University's Consciousness Research Laboratory brought at the ’90s his most important contribution, when he got an insight about the brain evolution. We can superficially define the Frontal lobes as responsible of future thinking, anticipation, extrapolation, and source of some of the most religious experiences. Some Capabilities are, until now, still not proved by science. When some would say that the body has a source of energy that gives life of it. Some would even name it as soul and this source of energy would have, as some believers, as an independent relation with our body. One of the common cases reported is the O.B.E., out-of-body experiences are always related to the N.D.E., near-death experiences. Near-death experiences are not always defined as brain blips or malfunction. Actually reveals to us the death process as experienced by human beings. When a patient reveals their experiences, they can deeply describe as something real, not being able to explain when or how it happened. The neuroscience has one of the greatest references called the "REDSHOE". When one patient testified that she had left her body during the EEG exams. Where floated up over her body, flying over the hospital room and for a short moment, she saw herself over the roof, where she could see a “red shoe�?. After the patient has finished her exams, over the bed. She explains her experiences to the nurse. And to prove that she wasn’t crazy the nurse asked to verify the information, proving that there wasn’t no red tennis shoe over the roof. And surprisingly, there was a red shoe over the roof. The information known as red shoe proves that some things, somehow are not possible to explain. That mind and body, maybe are connected in a non-physical way. In 2008, BBC News has publish in increase of interest from the modern science in “out of body�? experiences bringing 1.500 survivors in UK and US hospitals. The study, due to take 3 years and co-ordinated by SouthHampton University, will include placing on shelves images that could only be seem from above. Dr Sam Parnia, who is heading the study, said: "If you can demonstrate that consciousness continues after the brain switches off, it allows for the possibility it allows for the possibility that the consciousness is a separate entity. It is unlikely that we will find many cases where this happens, but we have to be open-minded. This is a mystery that we can now subject to scientific study. Dr Parnia works as an intensive care doctor, and felt from his daily duties that science had not properly explored the issue of near-death experiences. In a conference to a medical university, Doctor Sergio Felipe, PhD in Neuroscience e Psychiatry, describes the case of Prof. Dr. Miguel, Rector of the university and his heart surgery. Dr. Miguel, after a CPB procedure, had a full description of the staff at the E.R. and what happened there in details. The surgery know as Cardiopulmonary bypass, (CPB), is a technique that temporarily takes over the function of the heart and lungs during surgery, maintaining the circulation f the blood and the oxygen out of the patient's body. The brain, kept in 4c degrees could not be aware of all those facts, says Dr. Miguel and agrees Dr. Sergio. So how the patient could describe when the body and brain were under those conditions. The human mind is still far away to be understood by science, which strives every day to get more and more experiments. That’s where we start to talk about Dr. Michael Persinger greatest Discover. A Telepathy Link in Lab Experiments. As Toddy Murphy describes the brain in two sides, and in two different behaviors. The left side or left SELF is the linguistic sense of self, based and affected by words and has impacts by words. The right side, the right self, is the much more silence side, where there are no language centers. And there is a link between the sides which keeps a natural synchrony, a natural balance. The studies from Doc Persinger makes even more clear to understand, when they developed the Brain-helmet, name originally created by the press on that time. What the helmet does is to apply magnetic signals that are driven from electrical signals that either come from the brain or has impact on the brain, disconnecting the left side from the right side letting them in asynchrony. To understand the results of this experiment, the brain has the amygdala in both sides of the brain. Each side has a Self that can be, if disconnected, creating another self-sensation. I.g.: when you read a novel about another person, your right side of right self gets inside your left side and you for a moment lives the sensation of feeling someone else’s life for a minute. Which we might call imagination. When the theory was placed by scientists, the information has come as the “left amygdala�? would stimulate the left side of the brain where it contains the joy, the bliss. And the right side of the brain, the right self, has the fear, sadness. Even if the definition on that time was not fully accepted by other scientists. The experiment was made with this concept bringing amazing results. Every time a patient was in contact with the God´s helmet, the disconnection gave them the sensation of the VISITOR SENSE or SENSE OF PRESENCE. How many times you experimented the sensation of being followed and when you look behind there is no one there? The Visitor sense comes when for a moment the brain sides works in a different frequency or pattern. So the tests were working specifically over the amygdala sending the electric currents over the right side of the brain and some seconds to the left side of the brain causing asynchrony. The amount of energy, based on different sides could stimulate the brain to see different visions from angels to demons, from God, light, bliss, and illumination. The exams are made in an acoustic chamber, sound proof, blind folded and every single patient during hundreds of tests has some different results. The reports shows that when the right side is stimulated, the first state is fear, from fear, once full of energy could bring it to sadness, deep depression and later to impending doom, despair. By the opposite side, the energy starts with joy, happiness, full of bliss and finally the God experiences. So all those cases brings us to the same starting point. How can we understand the God experiences and visions of light at the Near Death Experiences (NDE)? Out of Body Experiences (OBE)? All those cases were verified in two different scenarios, where some has religious or spiritual beliefs and others are atheists or agnostics. These evidences shows that in some cases, even atheists with some roots of religious contacts at their childhood, could see God or Religious references and made them think about it after the contact with the helmet. Some could not continue the experiment by the idea of changing their way to see God as unreal. Even when monks or nuns as daily prayers, willing to see God and never had a chance in centuries, some others non-believers could experiment that unforgettable sensation and verify what they just saw. The study of the God´s helmet could bring also the opposite sensation; bring bad images from demons, hell or causing deep fear with the worst images. All the reports are strong and real enough to all those patients. The explanation given by scientists is that the hypothalamus, area which receives the electric and magnetic stimulation, affects the vision and the brain causing good or bad tunes with energies of the same frequency. When the right side of the brain is fully magnetic charged, could cause the terror and affecting any contact with any the language part of the brain. But when the same energy shift to the left self, up to its limit could bring the sensation of seeing God itself, a divine or religious reference and changing everything. From darkness to light. The experiment could explain many of the testimonies around the world of visions of angels or the direct contact with God. Many of those testimonies has made drastic changes in their private lives. Bringing them up to a divine understanding of life. Some tests were made also with psychics, which testify that their clairvoyance or reading capabilities has been increasing significantly after exams, according to their testimonies. The amygdala has the lowest frequency level of the brain, at the hypothalamus. Needing the lowest level of electro-magnetic current to be activated. Is also a structure deep in our brain, from the temporal lobes of the brain It’s a very active structure which never shuts down completely and also where uses more blood than any other part of the human brain. As we could see, doc. Persinger brought us two points to be discussed: That the brain receives external influences by electric or magnetic forces and once increased up to its limits; produce pleasurable or unpleasable moments, from joy to the deepest and darkest depression. And we could also understand that the ones considered psych-kicks are more sensitive to the asynchrony of the brain, where naturally they can have visions angels or demons, God, light and heavenly beings. Believing or not in any kind of religion and even without any stimulation of the hypothalamus. But how can we go deep into the Frontal lobe and research the capability to read the future? How can we prove the links of the soul and body? Can we prove the sixth sense? How can we define why someone has the senses that others has not? When some religious concepts ensures the existence of life beyond human vision capabilities and the materialistic thinking disagrees. The W.H.O. Executive Board proposed in 1988, as the Preamble of the Constitution should be amended as follows�?: “Health is a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.�? Where W.H.O. would testify some suggestions as spiritual, some non-proved but accepted argument. Not far from that, ICD-10 Chapter V about: Mental and behavioral disorders suggests at F44.3 about Trance and possession disorders as: Disorders in which there is a temporary loss of the sense of personal identity and full awareness of the surroundings. Include here only trance states that are involuntary or unwanted, occurring outside religious or culturally accepted situations. And In part of the F20, claims about schizophrenia as: Influence or passivity; hallucinatory voices commenting or discussing the patient in the third person; thought disorders and negative symptoms. Therefore, in part of the understanding of the scientific community, visions, clairvoyance, voices are part of symptom of mental disorders. Somehow, they accepted “spiritual�? as part of the mental health state. Could we define the studies of the God Helmet as part of the solution, helping us to understand testimonies of visions or voices? Can we suggest based on these arguments that the magnetic or electric currents over hypothalamus would bring, out the lab the same results? In order to understand the subject, he Professor Dr. Sérgio, Master in pineal gland, defines the pineal gland as a neurotransmitter. Tuning frequencies, currents and reflecting others, through the phosphate crystals, similar to apatite crystals. Even comparing its functions to a cellphone. The pineal gland would capture this frequencies and transforming into energy, into neuron currents. says Dr. Sérgio. Not so different, we may conclude that the pineal gland would work as an antenna to Excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields EMFs. and the phosphate crystals would help on these processes. Some of the researches of the hypothalamus or The pineal gland, also known as the conarium or epiphysis cerebri, brings a clear understanding of how the brain works. May we conclude that the influence of the asynchrony of both sides of the brain, the right and left, by electric or magnetic currents, inside or outside the lab may be the reason of those visions? And what should we say about voices? Spiritual presences? How many testimonies around the globe? Shall we ask which source of energy that gives live to our organic body? It is extremely important to understand what do you have inside your own head, says the Prof. Sérgio and pointing to the DSM 4. The American Psychiatric Association, under the subject about spirits. The claim talks about to consider carefully the diagnosis of patients that might listen voices and they may not be consider as hallucination, psychoses or Schizophrenia. The DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders would consider Schizophrenia any subject that might listen voices or Dissociative disorder to anyone that would claim to be someone else. But what would say about religious and spiritual beliefs? Would we consider that these conversations with a divine being made by Moses in Exodus, by The lord Jesus in Christianity , by The prophet Mohamed in Islamism, by Abraham in Judaism or any important religious name of our history or religions around the globe are not real? All of them in many countries claimed or still claims to listen the voice of a divine being. How can we define what is real or unreal? Based on our understanding of how the brain works? Where Profs like psychics which can definitely read your mind or even send or manipulate your thoughts in front of specialists? How can we understand the Paranormal Activity? That’s what we see next. Dissociative Disorder Speaking about the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Sergio claims: Doctors must be aware of misinterpretation that hallucination or psychosis for cases that people informs to see or listen spirits, therefore might not be hallucination or psychosis but a trance state by spirits, as a clinical diagnosis. At the DSM, are defined as mental disorders for: Schizophrenia and other Psychotic Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, With Rapid Cycling, Anxiety Disorders, Somatization Disorders, and Personality Disorders. Where the F44.3 informs that: Some clinicians believe that Dissociative Identity Disorder has been underdiagnosed. And even defines mediumship as: Dissociative trance disorder is single or episodic disturbances in the state of consciousness identity, or memory that are indigenous to particular locations and cultures. Dissociative trance involves narrowing of awareness of immediate surroundings or stereotyped behaviors or movements that are experienced as being beyond one's control. Possession trance involves replacement of the customary sense of personal identity by a new identity, attributed to the influence of a spirit, power, deity, or other person, and associated with stereotyped "involuntary" movements or amnesia. Examples include amok (Indonesia), bebainan (Indonesia), latah (Malaysia), pibloktoq (Arctic), ataque de nervios (Latin America), and possession (India). The dissociative or trance disorder not a normal part of a broadly accepted collective cultural or religious practice. So concluding as informed in this chapter, if you listen voices or see spirits you might be consider with a mental disorder. Or even if, as a medium, feels or receive spirits. But if you manipulated the electric-magnetic pulses driven into your brain and see or listen spirits, or light, or divine beings is consider as normal. Due to the change of frequencies or energies over the hypothalamus. Science still did not explain or investigate cases like the RedShoe or hundreds of similar testimonies until now. Where the interest increases every year as much as testimonies of OBE or NDE. Shall we also conclude that all the religious testimonies during centuries are all with a mental disorder? How can we verify scientifically the psychic, Clairvoyance or mediumship phenomena? A hoax? As defined, A clairvoyant is someone with the ability o experience psychic phenomena in a visual way where Clairaudience is hearing information. A psychic is not necessarily a medium, but a medium has psychic gifts. Mediums are defined as someone who communicates with spirits such as those who have died, spirit guides, angels, etc. While the clairvoyant will tune into the energy of people or objects, using intuition, as a mediumship will tune into the spirit energy surrounding a person. So let's see the case that we might conclude that there is something between the physical and material world undefined as some kind of source of evidence. Shall we see it, to believe it? Shall We also define as capable of reasoning is only the human race. should we define what we do not see, understand or explain as unreal? Shall we limited ourselves to what we supposedly understand and ignore what it is not explainable? Or visible to your eyes? If you see something unreal, probably is because you are not aware of it yet. Such as cells, microbes, radiation, smell or even energy when there was no understanding centuries ago and now are a common subject. Since the 17 century, the invention of the microscope could literary open our eyes for what we cannot see. Proving the existence of other forms of lives that surround us. And names as Robert Hooke and Anton van leeuwenhoek could bring us a step forward to reveal the unknown. Otherwise, we still would say that such a thing does not exist just because you still cannot see it. The references are everywhere around the globe and we might consider all of them as evidences. Maybe if analyzed, each one this testimonies, we should be able to understand that we cannot defined as mental disorder to all mediumship. Of course, our process of understanding is built on experiences that we see it with our own eyes, even when many remains just in theories and are just fully accepted by many when you use carbon 14 dating or just observing the universe and concluding that an explosion, as the only logical evidence of the creation of the universe. If you try to justify things based on the perspective of you own eyes, ignoring other angles, other perspectives, you might be doomed to misunderstand every single time. To verify perspectives, proving that sometimes your eyes are not the only way of understanding what surrounds you, we may start with the Russian Alexander Levit. Alex is medically blind, and to prove the mind capabilities, Alex is blind folded, in darkness, and he can still define positions, objects and colors. Alex has been tested by scientists and doctors, where they claims to be able to understand what is happing by suppositions. Alex clearly can see without his eyes, as he informs. He, somehow points to every single ball on the table. It’s actually vision because the optical system consists not just the eye but also the nerves and all the brain functions.�? Alex claims that his visual cortex works just like any other brain. But it is receiving signals from different parts of his body. The neuro psychology Bill Scott, test Alex in any impossible manner for a normal human being and the doctor is not able to explain this kind of vision. Alex says that his sight is by feeling light energy and the doctor amazed just cannot describe what he just testified. Scientifically tested, over the limits of the mind, Alex can see beyond the eyes and the awareness of the human mind. He is able to inform colors, shape and positions in deep darkness letting us to ask ourselves if this is not the same reaction as we had when the microscope was created at the 17th century. The Neurotheology, looking for the physical manifestations of God inside the human brain had studied with EMRs., through radioactivity, monitoring how much blood flows in a specific part of the brain. Dr. Andrew Newberg, at the University of Pennsylvania has brought some answers to our puzzle. according to some reseachs, we can see substantial differences when people are spiritual or religious in their practices. prays or meditation on God or any meditation activities. When meditating on the divine being, he patient will increase activities at the frontal lobe. Inside a MRI 3D Scanner, the changes inside the brain meditating or concentrating on God or pray or try to connect to god, it increases the activities in the frontal lobe. As the doctor’s research informs, when noon’s or monks pray, they increase the flow of the blood circulation at the frontal lobe. Increasing the energy in that area. But when an atheist, used to meditation technics is tested. The results are much smaller than the spiritual believers. Even when an atheist try to concentrate on God, the results remains much inferior because they do not believe it. Would we suggest that there is some kind of increase of electro-magnetic energy over the frontal lobe just because they believe in a divine being? Or Shall we focus that the Pineal gland had some importance on it? All those progresses over scientific research may conclude sooner or later that there are not much understanding of the Conscientiousness, awareness, or thinking and imagination. And even worse, how does the doors to our mind are really working? If we define that eyes are responsible for vision and ears for listening, you will not be able to explain how does Alexander Levit can see without his eyes? Defining shapes, colors and positions? If you claim to understand how does the mind works, you might not be able to explain how does the images from OBE can be simulated with the God Helmet. he hypothalamus has a small responsibility over thinking and imagining, being 2/3 parts of this puzzle. In England, a famous television show decides to investigate extra sense perception with a team of professionals and a psychic. At the Knebworth House in England, was launched the biggest ever test over psychic abilities. The selected team of professionals brings the Prof. Chris French psychologist and specialist in the psychic phenomena Phillip Escoffey, a professional illusionist looking for tricks and undercover techniques and Jackie Malton, police chief looking for evidences. The experiment brings a man, to be hidden inside a forest with 100 meters far away in an open area. And comparing to different research techniques to identify if mediumship are real. The professional police sniffer dog finds the man in 5 minutes and 8 seconds. The ex sergeant of the British army, Richard Navyokas, formal training instructor using military techniques takes 20 minutes and 11 seconds to find the target. 15 minutes longer than the police dog. Diane Lazarus, psychic, goes straight away to the right direction. With a precise sense of direction finds a man in 7 minutes and 4 seconds. When asked how does she made it. She answers that she was listening to her inner voice, a gut feeling. Using half of the brain that people don’t use. The team of specialists cannot explain how she does it and put into another test. In a beach area, she has to find a boy in a extreme hard place to be spotted, with a professional rescue dog, tooks 36 minutes and 2 seconds to find the target. Competing with a team from the British local coast guard, by horse, car and by walk they just cannot find the boy. When the psychic starts, from the first moment she turns the right direction. In 10 minutes and 4 seconds Diane can find the boy. Diana insists, that she still follow her inner voice. The team of professionals are convinced that there was no doubt from Diana. Looks like she knew where the boy was, without being guessing or walking around. Shall we conclude that to listen voices are proved as natural or shall we follow the DSM and define as a brain disorder? Shall we conclude that any historical reference, claiming to talk to a divine being are in fact listening to an inner voice? Or a superior voice? Is this voice that psychic claims to listen are inside or outside their brain? Can we suggest that what Diana just did is to listen something that are not ordinary thought but real instructions of how to find the boy, beyond her visual field? Shall we conclude that to see, we do not need our eyes? we do not need our eyes such as the case of Alexander? If we see what the hipotalamus shows, based on electro-magnetic currents and listen to the inner voice, as defined by the psychic experiment of the God Helmet? shall we conclude that the increase of this reading abilities of psychics are directly connected to those two currents? If the EMFs are everywhere, can we suggest that the amygdala are in fact receiving and sending amounts of energy? Depressive disorder are an involuntary bioquimical stimulation or the results of overcharge the amygdalas? it was in 1884 and 1886 that Ahlborn and Rabl pointed out, the pineal gland as a primary optical vesicles. As they reported, from a photoreceptor organ into a complicated gland, having an enigmatical function. The photo sensory cells and its structure are still not well understood, bringing curiosity for decades, with more efforts to define its use. Both scientists resemblance between the pineal organ and the structure of the lateral eyes. Some has deeper theories about its functions. When we see cases like Ben Underwood from California U.S.A. A boy that had his eyes removed when he was 3 years old. He proved that our eyes are not the only way to see? Ben was able to have normal activities like riding a bike, recognize objects or play basketball. Somehow he could translate the EMFs bringing to us a new way to understand what vision is. Is it Pineal Gland, a kind of an eye without use? The famous third eye is similar in many ways, and also photosensitive. And responsible to convert all the light absorbed through the eyes into the important melatonin. A serotonin derived hormone which modulates sleep patterns in both circadian and seasonal cycles. The definition of the Pineal Gland or Epiphysis Cerebri, would bring just more questions to our puzzle. We just saw that the amygdala’s, the hypothalamus and specifically the Pineal gland has an important activities over our brain and body. Next, we will discuss how does the electromagnetic currents are used in our daily routines. From hypnosis to TV commercials, from cellphones programs, music to religions. Understand deeper the famous pineal gland, the decalcification, it´s real use and how does the activation of the famous third eye really works. See you soon, Salve

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