The cure of all illness lays in your natural

The cure of all illness lays in your natural

Nature is the life keeper, providing us with everything we need to thrive. But mankind has strayed from its natural ways, leading all to anxiety, preoccupation, distress, and disease. In our quest for evolution, we have changed the animals, plants, water, and soil, poisoning ourselves in the process. The further we stray from our natural state, the more the planet shows us that something is not right. Many have become aware of this, while others try to return to a more natural way of life, but the emptiness within them remains. They search for answers as to why we have strayed from our natural state, but with the passage of time, we have forgotten who we once were and now search for the origins of life without knowing where to begin.

Nature, the generator and sustainer of all life, is a particle of the true fount of life. It vibrates within the pineal gland of all, calling for attention and inspiring us to seek answers. Why do some things no longer make sense to us? Why are we destroying ourselves and the nature that sustains us? Why is the weather changing and natural disasters increasing? For so long, you have felt that something is not right in our lives. The further we are from our natural state, the harder it is to live on Earth. Our health weakens, diseases increase, imbalances rise, conflicts escalate, doubts multiply, and sadness spreads. Nature shows its signs through floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and hurricanes as a warning.

This voice that vibrates within you now, urging you to return to your natural state and connect with nature, is a call to action. It tells us that life has a solution, and that solution lies in a rational basis, in rational energy. When we all vibrate in harmony, the planet will become a paradise of peace, love, and fraternity. But to understand your life, you must first understand the owner of your life, Mother Nature. And to understand her, you must understand how she came to be and how you came to be on this tiny planet in a tiny solar system.

The harmony you feel, searching for answers in nature, is part of a natural process of evolution. Through this evolution, we will connect with the true fountain of life and with nature itself. Once connected, we will be able to feel the strength of life vibrating within us, naturally and rationally. This evolution will soon vibrate within all of us, tuning us perfectly with all forms of life on and off this planet, acting as a natural antenna that captures the call from the source of life. There will be no more doubts, no more anxiety, and no more preoccupation. We will return to our natural state, living in harmony with all of creation. It is time to awaken to the truth and embrace our true nature. Only then can we heal ourselves and our planet.

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