The cure of all illness lays in your natural

The cure of all illness lays in your natural

Nature is the life keeper and provides us the food, the water, the air, and the cure for an ill body. In Nature lays the natural, your natural, and the cure for all human illness. But mankind has left it's natural a long time ago, and with this change from a natural life to an artificial life, it has brought the anxiety, the preoccupation, the distress, the sadness and consequently the diseases on bodies which feels the effects of all those choices that have been made by us for centuries. Mankind has decided to evolve, but with its evolution, they had also decided to change the animals, the plants, the water, and the soil. And with all these changes, it also had come the poisoning of themselves, results of the pollution of an artificial life.

And the modified and artificial life, far away from its natural, has become shorter daily. And as far as artificial life goes, the further we get from our natural and more the planet gives us signs that something is not right with it.

And many, have become aware of it when others, already ill, try to go back into the old habits of a lifestyle from centuries ago. Trying to live in the countryside, in the mountains, or in forests, searching for more natural life. But the emptiness inside themselves, in the cities or at the countryside, keeps inspiring humankind to search for an understanding of the reason why they have left their natural estate to change to an artificial life. And with the advancement of the generations, the human being has been forgotten who they once were, and today, so distant from its original essence, researches the origin of life on Earth and the Universe, not knowing where to start.

The Nature on Earth, generator, and sustainer of all sources of lives is a particle of the true fount of life. And it vibrates in the pineal gland of all, as a call of attention to you all, inspiring you all to search for these answers. Why some things doesn't make any sense anymore to us? Why are we slowly destroying ourselves and destroying the nature that keeps us alive? Why the weather has been changing on our planet and the natural disasters have been increasing every year?

For so long you have felt that something is not right in our lives. And much more we are apart of our natural, the harder it gets to live on Earth. The body health gets weaker, the diseases increase, the unbalanced life increases, the conflicts increases, the doubts increase, and the sadness spreads across the world. And Nature is showing its signs around the globe through floods, earthquakes, tsunami, typhoons, hurricanes, as an alert request.

This voice that vibrates inside you now, for you to return to your natural state and this need to get in contact with nature is also a call of attention. Informing that life has a solution and the solution of life lays on a Rational basis, on a Rational Energy.

And the planet Earth will be a Rational paradise of peace, love, and fraternity among all people when all vibrate the same syntony. Tunning to the origin of life and tunning to nature once again. But to understand your life, it is necessary to understand the owner of your life, the mother nature that gives us food and strength to live. And in order to understand the owner of your life, it is necessary to understand how she had arisen and how you have arisen on this tiny planet in a tiny solar system.

And the syntony that you feel, searching for answers on nature, is part of a natural process of evolution. And on this evolution, the human being will be in contact with the true fountain of life and with nature itself. Once in contact with the true fountain of life, then you will be able to feel the strength of life vibrating once again, inside yourself, naturally and Rationally.

And this evolution which will vibrate in all human beings, in a short amount of time, will tune it perfectly with all forms of existing lives in and out of this planet, as a natural antenna that captures the call from the source of life. And there will be no more doubts anymore, no more anguishment, no more discontentment, and no more discord among all. For not knowing yourselves and not knowing why you live here on this planet.

Once tuned to the fount of terrestrial life and with nature, it will bring you the peace and balance that you all need, in order to know how to live. Because you will know why you live, how life started on Earth, and how life will evolve from now on. Until all terrestrial beings evolve to superior classes from the ones we know today. And so they will have all the answers to the most complex questions, proved and verified in a clear, clean, and crystal form.

The terrestrial life was once connected to nature and to the Universe but has lost its link, and it has only left the fragments of a culture that a long-ago had left to be important as a natural culture. And you will know from now on, the origins of life and the answers that you have been looking for.

On Nature and on the fountain of life, lays the cure to all illness of humanity. And as a mother, she takes care of her natural children and naturally calls their attention to the beginning of a new phase. A phase where all humanity will get to know its true world of your own race and to know how to return to it.

Be welcome to know the true fount of life and all the answers that you have been looking for in the natural knowledge of nature. The books universe in Disenchantment, humanity's true origin.

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