Universe in Disenchantment - Rational Culture - The book of the year

Universe in Disenchantment - Rational Culture - The book of the year

Here in your hands is the literary work that has been a best seller in many countries. Today it has reached five hundred million books sold to 80 million readers around the planet. The book has become a natural daily necessity based on the testimonies of those readers. Much more than an ordinary book, it has become a solution for all those readers and their families for decades. Since the first books were released, each reader has testified about some special change in their lives. The book also has an easy way of explaining the questions that have been surrounding us for many centuries. The way it is written could be the reason that it attracts academic students, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and engineers, and the same attraction can be also noticed by humble people with limited education. The book was created for all social classes and as it says, “It was written for everyone around the world.”

According to the testimonies of the readers, they feel happier, more fulfilled, and strong enough to face any circumstances in their lives, feeling completely balanced. It also gives a deep understanding of the “cause and effect” law.

“It’s a new phase,” says the book. A time for a better understanding of nature around us. A time to respect all kinds of life, to understand the reasons and answers to all the questions that you probably never felt satisfied with.

Furthermore, it has brought real results and is becoming a positive reality in the readers’ lives. It is not a scientific book or medical collection but it will give you an understanding of all sciences in a way you may understand.

Additionally, the book has been a solution for many special cases, and when some ordinary procedures don’t bring results. As it says, the book is created to bring an understanding of life itself and the assembly that compounds it. Once understanding this Electro-Magnetic environment, the reader is able to control it and changing those currents into a positive natural energy. In this case, feeling more stable, balanced, happier, healthier and complete.

All these changes are naturally occurring inside your body. Regulating your own energy, your body, and your brain energy.

Moreover, it will enrich the Pineal Gland which today is one of the top subjects being studied in the scientific field. It will also describe deeply the nature of these two currents, electric and magnetic energies, and their influences over the human mind and body.

Since the brain is also connected to these Electro-Magnetic currents, the book states the science of today has been studying very deeply trying to understand how they work. The book is able to help you profoundly, not just with a better understanding of how your brain works or the pineal gland activities, but also working on the solutions for other areas in your life. Teaching you how to better understand the energies that are around you, around Nature, and even around the planet. It will teach you how to develop the Pineal Gland and have a better understanding of yourself, your own true nature, and its connections with the universe around us.

The collection of books Universe in Disenchantment is also known as Rational Culture and with no doubt, it is the book that you have been looking for.

The collection explains in a different perspective all kinds of living creatures and how they were formed. You will be able to review from the beginning of our society, its changes during the centuries, from the first steps up to our civilization. It is also an easier way to understand the natural laws that keeps all life in our universe. This book will teach you how you can make your life better and how we can build a trustworthy society and a safer world. This book has been changing lives and now it may change yours.

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