Why are we donating books on the streets?

The Book "Universe in Disenchantment" offers a unique perspective on the importance of helping others, respecting each other, and achieving happiness through Rational knowledge. It provides a deep understanding of our true nature and the evolution of society. It also shows how knowledge and action are the keys to changing our lives and the world but without the proper understanding, we could not evolve to a point of a peaceful mankind.

Initially, some readers may struggle to grasp the book's purpose, language approach, and how it can impact their lives. But with time, patience, and practice the Rational Culture teachings can radically transform one's perspective about the world and all forms of life around us. It can become a natural part of your daily life routines, promoting understanding, respect, and a natural desire to help others to evolve.

Changing ourselves is the most effective way to change the world, and this can be achieved by treating each other like a large and diverse family. The Book "Universe in Disenchantment" instills a deep desire to help oneself and others. After undergoing personal transformations, readers may feel a strong urge to help in any way possible, such as by purchasing books to donate to others around the globe.

The donation of books is one of many ways to spread knowledge and provide answers to those seeking them. It is not about selling books since no one is profiting from it, but about providing access to a life-changing information. Those who receive the book for free at public events are benefiting from the efforts of the community to make this knowledge readily available.

Students of Universe in Disenchantment can be found in many countries promoting the book and spreading the message of world peace. They often wear white clothing to symbolize their desire for peace and offer the book to anyone who is interested.

If you are interested in reading the Book "Universe in Disenchantment" but are unable to find it, please order it on our website and we will send it to you as soon as possible. This knowledge can be accessed from the comfort of your own home, without the need for churches, synagogues, or other spiritual centers. The knowledge is self-contained and will naturally activate the pineal gland, connecting you to your innate understanding, and also you will not need preachers, gurus, masters or teachers but to enlighten yourself, increase your strength, and make deeper roots by understanding our evolution and history on this planet.

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